Best Places in Goa – Must Visit!

It’s been long overdue for a Goa Trip and I finally decided to pull it off. Planned with my friends but ended up going with my wife. It was fun nonetheless. So, here are the best places in Goa (according to me), which deserves your time and presence. I planned my stay in Radisson Blu Candolim and it was worth the price.

Aguada Fort


The first place I visited in Goa still holds strong in my mind. It was raining that day and added grandeur to the already bliss setting. With lots of greenery and sea backdrop, the fort stands tall with beautifully built structures.

Vagatoor Beach

Best Places in Goa - Vagatoor Beach
Vagatoor Beach

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches. There are a hell lot of them. I visited a lot of beaches and found just a few among them worth visiting. Vagatoor Beach is one of the best beaches I’ve been to. A place that seems built for photography and has lots of shops just near the shore.

Panjim Boat Cruise

Best Places in Goa - Panjim Boat Cruise
Panjim Boat Cruise

There are a lot of boat rides available in Goa. Then there is the Casino. But the casino can be visited only after 6 pm. You’ll have dances and party over there.

This boat cruise for about 40 minutes costs Rs.300 per person and is totally worth it. You’ll be educated with famous movies that were shot there in nearby boats/ships and other ancient builds. Totally worth it!

Best Places in Goa - Panjim Boat Ride
Panjim Boat Ride

Basilica of Bom Jesus & St. Francis Church

Best Places in Goa - Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a beautiful place. Besides being a very scenic spot, there are lots of things to explore and learn. There was a service going on and the chorus lit the surrounding. FYI – I visited the place on a Monday, around 5 pm.

Best Places in Goa - St. Francis Church
St. Francis Church

Goa Snow Park

Best Places in Goa - Goa Snow Park
Goa Snow Park

The driver suggested us this place and as it was humid outside, I thought of giving this snow park a go. It was an amazing visit. Loved the chillness and the way things were put up. There was a bar inside and that added much more fun element.

Mangeshi Temple

Best Places in Goa - Mangeshi Temple
Mangeshi Temple

A place filled with calmness and peace. Loved this temple. The road to Temple has a lot of shops and is worth spending money and time on. Don’t forget to yum the wine chocolates!

Spice Farm

Best Places in Goa - Spice Farm
Spice Farm

This is a medicinal farm. The place is filled with greenery everywhere and the guide will educate you on the medicinal benefits of the different variety of plants on a short tour inside the field. There is a separate store where you can purchase plant oils and other healthy drinks. They also have a lot of showcase items in the store. They have a buffet lunch organized for the visitors and is yummy!

Dona Paula

Best Places in Goa - Dona Paula
Dona Paula

A very good place to visit and I would call it another shopping spot. Looks cool and a treat for photographers.

Calangute Beach

Best Places in Goa - Calangute Beach
Calangute Beach

Another beach I enjoyed visiting. There was a lot happening around. Few kabaddi matches. basketball matches and police shouting at young guys going beyond a point. Lots of restaurants to choose from.

Best Places in Goa - Calangute Beach
Calangute Beach – Time for a Drink

I find these places to be the best places in Goa that deserve your time. There are a lot of other places in Goa like the Chapora Fort and Wax Museum. But I Didn’t find anything special in them. The road to Chapora Fort is a traffic hub. We had to wait for more than an hour to exit the Chapora Fort. I would suggest people visiting Goa to rent a car or bike and use their GPS to visit places there.

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Dog Lover in me! (Fluffy – my Puppy)

It was on January 1, 2016 evening that my girl friend “Alisha” decided we need to get a puppy.  Never have I seen her so enthusiastic before that. It was then that I knew that she was a dog lover right from her childhood. And we decided in minutes as to what puppy and from where we’ll be getting it from OLX. “Fluffy” “Pomeranian” age : 45 days was the new addition to our family.

Fluffy - the puppy
Fluffy when 2 months

I’ve always seen a lot of status updates , videos, pictures and sayings of “dog” being portrayed as the most loyal and truthful friend of any human being. I’ve also heard stories of dogs not eating when their owner is out of town. These were the other reasons that actually triggered me to get a puppy.

I had a very tough time initially adjusting to its lifestyle. It gets scared of darkness and cries often for no reason. It used to wake me up at 3am. Try biting my nose with its milky teeth. Shit right where I keep my leg down from bed. Piss on my slippers.

Discovery of the Dog Lover in me! 🙂

But it was a blessing.  A friend . A good listener . I used to talk a lot to Ms.Fluffy 🙂 It listens so carefully as though it’s gonna provide me solutions. But it gave me peace of mind. Inner peace. Licks me once I finish my speech as though it’s acknowledged my speech. Turned me into an ardent dog lover.

Dog Lover in me
Me with Fluffy

Now it’s 5 months old, bold, understanding, with the same love and affection it had on me the moment it started to know me . It understands me, Alisha and “us” very well.  Waits at 7pm near the door waiting for me to ring the bell. Then hugs me. Licks me.  Cuddles me. Such a blessed feeling.

Key Learnings being a Dog Lover

Unconditional love is very rare in this unreal world . People do things expecting returns. But for the first time, I see a puppy teaching me a lot of lessons about life without even uttering a single word. If you are too stressed about life and need some sort of change in your life, get a puppy. Love it. It’ll love you back like no one else.

“The transition to a Dog lover has been really fruitful according to my personal experiences” ❤️