When can we be “Maskless”?

How often do we see people talk straight out of their hearts? How often do we find people talking what they feel is right rather than buttering the ass of others? The answer ranges widely from “we’ve not seen anyone like that” to “A very few of them”.

Before posing the question on others, we should be answerable to the same question. We as individuals don’t react to two different persons the exact same way. Be it your parents, your friends, your teacher, your boss, your wife, your cousins, you bring out a different version of yourself to interact with them.

So what exactly is the real “you”? Or who exactly are you? When you think before replying or base your actions and answers depending on the respondent, you are “masked”. When you are open to your thoughts and don’t care about what the other person would think when you express your thoughts, you become “Maskless”.

Even though it is tough a see or be a person without masks, we can be a person with lesser masks. Obviously when you are doctor and a father, you can’t behave the same way to a patient and your daughter. But to the other vast majority, you can be the real you!

We base our voice and actions thinking what the respondent would think about us. This is the main reason why we see a lot of artificiality in the society now. But only when you start being the real you, you will be able to find the real ones who truly care and love for you irrespective of your foolishness, madness aaaaaand of course the real you!

Ashes Cricket – A Brilliant Realistic Cricketing Action!

I think it’s the right time to share my thoughts on the recent release – Ashes Cricket 2017 after two days of extensive gaming. I’ve been playing casual matches with my friends and then started playing around with the “Ashes Series” Tournament option. With Australia and England alone coming with licenses, it’s a welcome addition as this is the first time you get to see real-life like players for gaming. Of course, you can download players and teams from the “Community”, but none can match the licensed players found here.

Ashes Cricket

I’ve been a big fan of Don Bradman franchise’s gameplay. Add it with official licenses, this game gets all the more interesting. Improved stadiums, slight refinement in bowling actions and batting style makes up for a welcome addition. I would strictly ask you cricket fans to stick to the “medium” or “hard” level as its more competitive, else batting will surely look more or less like the EA Cricket series. The new control system titled as “Standard” makes it easy for first time Don Bradman Series’s players easy to adapt to. But I personally prefer the “Classic” control system. You can have batting in “Standard” mode and Bowling (separate selections for spin and fast bowling) in “Classic” mode. You can switch to any of these control systems even in the middle of a match.

As I started playing matches with “Medium” and “Hard” batting, bowling and fielding difficulties, the matches got more intriguing. Each and every delivery involves some sort of mental calculation, be it the batsman or bowler. This adds more realism. When I was playing the “Ashes Series”, I had to bowl 140 overs to England to dismiss the Mighty “England” Team for 409. Never for a second did I feel bored or feel the urge to simulate the innings.  The realistic gameplay and licensed characters with interesting comments from the wicketkeeper (especially when Lyon is bowling) are enjoyable. And most importantly, I had to work very hard for each and every wicket.

Like any game, Ashes Cricket comes with little glitches. The screen would half blur out for no reason, batsmen from one end alone run while the other batsman just stays glued to his ground. The commentary is still not good. You get repetitive comments made and that too irrelevant ones. Another thing that annoyed me the most- In some situations the fielder needn’t throw the ball to the bowler or keeper to initiate the next delivery. But there are other times where you have to throw. Else everything stands still. It’s rather inconsistent. Add to this, the same irritating repeated commentary for this fielding glitch.

But these are flaws that can be easily ignored in front of the strong positives that make this game a must play for cricket fans. 

Played in PS4.

Is there Life after Death?

There are certain religions that say you’ve got a life after death. And there are other religions that say you’ll go to heaven or hell based on your deeds. So what’s really gonna happen?

The “real” answer is “no one knows”. “Life after Death” is the only question that cannot and will never be answerable.

In order to ensure people follow a set rules and regulations or to make the people belonging to a particular section abide by the rules and regulations of a particular religion, each and every religion come up with a powerful weapon known as “Life After Death”.

How many of you are ready to follow “your” religion with no idea of what it’s gonna take you to in the future? I would say “none”.

This is the reason your religion says “Be good. Do good. Provide offertory to the concerned establishment.(God knows where it goes) As if God is gonna merry with this money, and then shower his blessings on you. Satisfying God is not what a so called superior Holy power wants (if so it exists). A superior power(if so it exists)  would want its people to be good for his/her own self. But religious heads are well aware that there exists no superior power and that’s the reason you hear a lot of news regarding religious heads being involved in scandals, drinks, drugs, parties, etc. But they need the imaginary religion to have real followers. And to make sure the followers stay real till the end, they show you a very beautiful unreal beyond imagination place.

Science has a term for it -“mirage”.

Life after Death - The Mirage
Life after death

It’s something that appears so beautiful at a distance. But as you near it, it slowly disappears and when you are at the exact spot where it initially appeared, it’s totally gone. “Mirage” can refer to heaven, seven lives, paradise, golden plateau or whatever depending on your religion.

Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.

Will Durant