Are Smartphone cameras swiping off DSLR dominance?

I bought my Google Pixel 2 last December. Ever since I bought this amazing photo snapper, I didn’t bother carrying my DSLR along with me. Google Pixel 2 was critically acclaimed as the best smartphone camera and still holds that position in spite of many high-end smartphones making its appearance on the market. The main reason why I jumped from the iPhone 7 to the Pixel 2 was that of its camera. And yeah, the photos are awesome. The HDR options make the pixel 2 camera a very picturesque clicking device. The video modes aren’t that eye-catchy, which I think the iPhone did comparatively better. However, on the photos front, Pixel 2 shines star high!

I’ve tried the pixel 2 in almost all lighting conditions and it does wow! The single lens doing a portrait is an added benefit. I’ve personally tested it along with other dual lens phones and I find pixel’s images far superior. Combine the awesome software along with the Sony-sourced hardware and you get eye catchy images. Here are few samples that you can check out.

If you want to check more images that were shot using the Google Pixel 2 visit my Instagram page.

So does the Pixel 2, the best camera smartphone, out throne the DSLRs of the current era. While I find my Pixel 2 being handy to click pictures wherever I go, I still think you need a DSLR to click high resolution “advanced” shots. By “advanced” I mean macro, wide-angle and zoom shots. Even though you have lenses for smartphone cameras, they can in no way match the brilliance of DSLRs quality. So for highly professional photos you still need to rely on DSLRs. However, for Instagram posts, you are better off with your smartphone. Also you’ve got hell lot of advanced image editors that can your images look better!

Let me know what you guys think about smartphone cameras? Do you think they’ll outshine DSLRs in the coming years? Well, with the recent release of variable aperture lens system in Samsung S9+, I think we are going to see huge advancement in smartphone cameras in the upcoming years!

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