Dog Lover in me! (Fluffy – my Puppy)

It was on January 1, 2016 evening that my girl friend “Alisha” decided we need to get a puppy.  Never have I seen her so enthusiastic before that. It was then that I knew that she was a dog lover right from her childhood. And we decided in minutes as to what puppy and from where we’ll be getting it from OLX. “Fluffy” “Pomeranian” age : 45 days was the new addition to our family.

Fluffy - the puppy
Fluffy when 2 months

I’ve always seen a lot of status updates , videos, pictures and sayings of “dog” being portrayed as the most loyal and truthful friend of any human being. I’ve also heard stories of dogs not eating when their owner is out of town. These were the other reasons that actually triggered me to get a puppy.

I had a very tough time initially adjusting to its lifestyle. It gets scared of darkness and cries often for no reason. It used to wake me up at 3am. Try biting my nose with its milky teeth. Shit right where I keep my leg down from bed. Piss on my slippers.

Discovery of the Dog Lover in me! 🙂

But it was a blessing.  A friend . A good listener . I used to talk a lot to Ms.Fluffy 🙂 It listens so carefully as though it’s gonna provide me solutions. But it gave me peace of mind. Inner peace. Licks me once I finish my speech as though it’s acknowledged my speech. Turned me into an ardent dog lover.

Dog Lover in me
Me with Fluffy

Now it’s 5 months old, bold, understanding, with the same love and affection it had on me the moment it started to know me . It understands me, Alisha and “us” very well.  Waits at 7pm near the door waiting for me to ring the bell. Then hugs me. Licks me.  Cuddles me. Such a blessed feeling.

Key Learnings being a Dog Lover

Unconditional love is very rare in this unreal world . People do things expecting returns. But for the first time, I see a puppy teaching me a lot of lessons about life without even uttering a single word. If you are too stressed about life and need some sort of change in your life, get a puppy. Love it. It’ll love you back like no one else.

“The transition to a Dog lover has been really fruitful according to my personal experiences” ❤️

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