iPhone 7 Camera Test – Is It Still Worth the Price?

It’s been more than a year since the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus was launched. But recent reports suggest that the iPhone 7 has taken the throne as the best selling  Apple phone in the third quarter of 2017 in spite of the launch of the new 8 and 8 plus (Source: CNBC). Let us for a moment leave the hype around the iPhone X and concentrate just on the iPhone 7.  Most purchase decisions nowadays (to an extent) are made based on the camera capabilities of a smartphone. Apple has always been known for its “true to life” images and picturesque photo quality. Let’s see if the iPhone 7’s camera is still a “bang for the buck”.

A slight Spec recap. The iPhone 7’s rear camera comes with a 12 Megapixel F/1.8 aperture six elements lens. It supports optical image stabilization and has a Quad LED True Tone Flash. The front camera includes a 7 Megapixel F/2.2 aperture lens and a Retina Flash. It also supports 1080p HD Video Recording.

The iPhone 7 still holds a solid place in this age where Portrait Features have become the new sensation. A small handy device that clicks very good images is a joy to carry, and iPhone 7 stands tall in this category.

iPhone 7 Camera Test

iPhone 7 Camera Test
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Click on this image to check the Full Video Review

iPhone 7 Camera Test YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/hfThFU6yOKU

The Bright light images are very eye pleasing. The iPhone camera does a great job evenly exposing the scenes and at the same time making things look sharp.

iPhone 7 Camera Test - Bright Light
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Bright Light

The problem starts when you start to zoom in. Unlike its elder brother, the iPhone 7 Plus, which comes with a Telephoto Lens, the iPhone 7 snaps with a single camera system. So, once you start zooming beyond a limit, the image quality gets a big bang!

Sunset shots come out really well. And so does medium light photography. Look at the following photo sample and you will know for yourself.

iPhone 7 Camera Test - Just Before Sunset
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Just Before Sunset

The Macro shots are great. There are situations where the camera sensor finds it difficult to focus certain tiny objects. But that’s how smartphone cameras work currently. Smartphones have their own share of limitations when compared to DSLRs. And DSLRs can never replace a smartphone camera, at least for now.

iPhone 7 Camera Test - Macro
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Macro

The iPhone 7 camera performs well in low light. But just like the vast majority of smartphones out there, it does struggle to provide the necessary exposure and contrast.

iPhone 7 Camera Test - Low Light
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Low Light

The Selfie camera does a decent job in bright light. But when it comes to low light, you can see ample of grains. However, the retina flash does make the image look pleasing by evenly lighting the subjects.

iPhone 7 Camera Test - Selfie
iPhone 7 Camera Test – Selfie

So is the iPhone 7 camera still worth it? Definitely, Yes!
But if you are interested in the fancy Portrait Mode features, then there are a lot of other smartphone options available on the market now.

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