List of series you should not miss during this lockdown period!

Yeah! we are all stuck in our homes. With the lockdown period almost uncertain in most nations, we are left with a lot of free time but then with limited options to play with. Most of you would have already spent two months of your time watching movies/series through online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar. Well, if you are looking out for new titles or if you are entirely new to the online streaming space, then here’s my list of series you shouldn’t miss out during this quarantine period.

Ozark (3 seasons, 30 episodes) (NETFLIX)

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This series has got to be one of the best series I have ever watched. The entire plot revolves around a financial expert who is forced to launder money by a Drug Cartel. The challenges that he faces and the situations that he and the people around him form the Crux of the plot. Right from the very first episode, you feel clawed into the premise of Ozark and there is no coming back. You are going to be glued to your screen till you complete the entire set of seasons. Rumors suggest that there will be a fourth season released later next year, and the way season 3 ended did raise the expectation meter for an even better outing in the next season. The leads Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are simply incredible in their roles and are the supporting casts too. Do not miss this one!

Dark (2 seasons, 18 episodes) (NETFLIX)

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The story happens in a German town and involves the disappearance of a few people in the locality. The core plot involves the concept of time travel and is tricky to follow initially but then once you start analyzing the happenings better, it gets really interesting. It is that kind of series where if you blink for a second, you are going to miss a great part of the story. “Dark” is a series that has family, friendship, love, and emotions packed in a supernatural flavor that calls for an engaging watch. There’s a new season coming up in June 2020 as well!

Locke & Key (1 season, 10 episodes) (NETFLIX)

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A brilliant series under the genre of fantasy-horror. After their father is killed, the three “Locke” siblings and their mothers move to their ancestral property to unravel the mysteries surrounding the murder and its connection to the magical keys. Locke & Key did have a very plain first couple of episodes, but then things started to get interesting right from the third episode. For fans of this genre, this is surely going to be a must-watch. With a new season coming up later this year, do check this out!

Arrested Development (5 seasons) (DISNEY+ HOTSTAR)

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Yet another series with Jason Bateman in the lead role. I started watching this series after “Ozark”. This show belongs to the genre of “odd comedy” because right from the camera angles to the subtle humor element packed in bizarre situations, everything sounds so odd. But then, it is still humorous. The release schedule of the different seasons was erratic, mainly because of the viewership issues, but then if you are looking for an entirely new genre of comedy, then this should entice you!

So, what have you been watching during this lockdown period? Also, what are you planning to watch next? Do let me know!

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