My Smartphone Purchase Decisions over the years!

I’m the kind of guy who changes my smartphone every 8 -10 months. The thought process that goes into zeroing on a particular model of the smartphone has evolved seriously over the last couple of years. Initially, it was all about music. I had a craze about the Sony Walkman series. I till remember bugging my dad to get me the then musical sensation Sony Ericsson W810. But what about 10 years ago. Now things have changed.

HTC one M7 was my most calculated smartphone purchase. I bought it because of its awesome front facing speakers and awesome screen resolution. Then came in the Apple craze. The iPhone 5S was my first ever iPhone and it was awesome. I loved the simplicity and lag-free nature of the iOS. The camera was awesome and the 4-inch form factor was awesome to carry about. The main reason behind purchasing the iPhone 5S was that I needed an Apple phone. I wanted to get the feel of owning an iPhone. 😄

iPhone 6S was my next phone which I bought just because of its camera features and again the “Apple” factor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was my next smartphone that was a great smartphone camera then. The screen, camera and “let me try an Android phone” factors made me buy this phone. But the fast battery drain made me switch over to the iPhone 7 in few months time. The iPhone 7 purchase was more of an instant decision because of the frustration that the Samsung S6 brought to me on a daily basis. The main problem with Samsung phones is that they get slower in the long run. I promised to myself that I would never ever go back to Android. But after 8 months, I wanted to give the Google Pixel 2 a try. Just because of its camera. And this is definitely the best smartphone choice I’ve made in a long time after HTC one M7. The Google Pixel 2 has an awesome smartphone camera and of course an exquisite software backing it. It’s been over 8 months now and I’m not switching to any other smartphone anytime soon. My smartphone purchases have been more camera-driven in recent times. And on a general note, smartphone companies are working harder on the camera part more than bringing on new innovations!

We all do think a lot before making a smartphone purchase. We make sure the time we invest in checking on the features of a smartphone is worth the money we invest in buying a smartphone. What are the factors you generally consider before purchasing a smartphone or suggesting one for your friends? Let me know down in the comments section!

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