When can we be “Maskless”?

How often do we see people talk straight out of their hearts? How often do we find people talking what they feel is right rather than buttering the ass of others? The answer ranges widely from “we’ve not seen anyone like that” to “A very few of them”.

Before posing the question on others, we should be answerable to the same question. We as individuals don’t react to two different persons the exact same way. Be it your parents, your friends, your teacher, your boss, your wife, your cousins, you bring out a different version of yourself to interact with them.

So what exactly is the real “you”? Or who exactly are you? When you think before replying or base your actions and answers depending on the respondent, you are “masked”. When you are open to your thoughts and don’t care about what the other person would think when you express your thoughts, you become “Maskless”.

Even though it is tough a see or be a person without masks, we can be a person with lesser masks. Obviously when you are doctor and a father, you can’t behave the same way to a patient and your daughter. But to the other vast majority, you can be the real you!

We base our voice and actions thinking what the respondent would think about us. This is the main reason why we see a lot of artificiality in the society now. But only when you start being the real you, you will be able to find the real ones who truly care and love for you irrespective of your foolishness, madness aaaaaand of course the real you!

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