When Smartphone cameras are better than DSLRs!

Undoubtedly, DSLRs provide the best quality images and a wide room for manual tweaks. Smartphones can’t really match up DSLR standards in terms of image capturing capabilities. But every now and then a smartphone photo receives the comment – “Wow! That looks like a picture clicked using a DSLR!” Smartphones have become the go-to photography device for many reasons-


Wherever you go, you take your smartphone with you. You often don’t carry your DSLR with you just because of its heftiness and the mere need to carry it along with you for the time other than clicking pics. A small handheld device that serves multiple functionalities in addition to taking images is something we would prefer as a handy option!

Capturing “In a Flash” Moments

When you see something interesting happening in front you and for a short duration, you don’t always get the time to set your DSLR up and adjust the settings. This is where a smartphone comes in as a friendly option. All you need to do is unlock the phone, open the app and click it. It’s not gonna take more than 10 secs. Tadaa!

Smartphone cameras now are Awe!

Smartphone cameras are advancing at a brisk pace. I’ve been using the Google Pixel 2 for the past 8 months and I’ve used it more than my DSLR for snap scenic spots just because of it’s awesome HDR mode and software tweaks. Read my review of Google Pixel 2 photography here. Smartphones like Huawei P20 pro with the triple camera system are taking the smartphone photography game to a different level. The next few years are going to be damn interesting!

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